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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Oct 15, 2013)
Hey, still on Diabolos server?
(Oct 11, 2013)
Everyone check out the information on the upcoming hotfix! I posted the information in a thread here:
(Oct 10, 2013)
(Oct 10, 2013)
Said to welcome our newest member.. "P'ussy Galore"!! lol......just lol
(Oct 07, 2013)
See the news for Website design contest!
(Oct 07, 2013)
Just want to say "Thanks!" to everyone who came out for the fishing event. Thanks!
(Oct 01, 2013)
Yeah. Fishing is gonna be fun. Hopefully some more people sign up.
(Sep 30, 2013)
Woo! Fishing with Mord this Friday!
(Sep 27, 2013)
Nyan? :3
(Sep 26, 2013)
(Sep 26, 2013)
We are glad to have you! Thanks for joining!
(Sep 26, 2013)
Hi everyone! Thanks for adding me I'm glad to be apart of the fc!
(Sep 25, 2013)
\<.< >.>/
(Sep 24, 2013)
stuck at work
(Sep 24, 2013)
Not to shabby... how about yourself?
(Sep 24, 2013)
Super, also I'm gonna have to mail the. Dyes to you when I get you on my friends list D:
(Sep 23, 2013)
Hows everyone doing?
(Sep 20, 2013)
once I get blm to 50 I intend to lvl crafting as I get bored of fate grinding, will keep updated
(Sep 20, 2013)
Dedicated Crafters Wanted!
(Sep 17, 2013)
Awww, i finnaly had to pay my sub fee. Guess that means the legacy free period is over.