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Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 28, 2014
First off, SE has released two things lately A new fan kit and also 2.15 patch notes should you have missed them.

Secondly, and more importantly, A 2.5 hour officer meeting just concluded and we've made a some policy changes. The complete list of topics and conclusions can be found HERE.

The most notable changes are as follows:

1)Company chest slot 2 will be reopened to general use soon with the "suggestion" that that space be reserved for items with resale value of 100gil or more or are widely known to be useful. (This does not count minions) Slot 3 will continue to be reserved for FC business like storing housing items and storing high gil items such as gold ore, darksteel ore, Hypogryph leather or the like. These high gil items will be dispersed to members as requests for them come in. This is to prevent one person from using every bit of an item so that there are still more for other's needs.

2)The treasurer rank is to be deleted as its usefulness is now done.

3)A 60-day inactivity cut off is to be implemented. This means, IF YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 59 DAYS YOU WILL BE BOOTED FROM THE FREE COMPANY! Unfortunately this also means that those who are currently in this status will be kicked... For hopefully obvious reasons, those of the Post Potentate rank are excused from this policy.

4)A Lunar Blades based "hitsquad" Linkshell will be formed. The purpose of this is to avoid unnecessary conflict within the FC while forming a go-to fighting force for content that is Titan HM and up. The details on this are still being hammered out but there will be a performance requirement on the part of joining members. Once it is established, the format of the LS shall move to a democratic accept/reject/boot system.
Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 20, 2014
The house is paid off! Whooo! *fireworks explode overhead*

I want to extend my personal thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen. It wasn't a short road and it had a dip here and there but we pulled though! The FC is out of debt and moreover we were on time or early with our loans. That last bit is the second best part of all this. (Actually having a fantastic house being the first) We've shown that people can take a chance on us and they won't regret it! While our benefactors were individuals, they belong to FC's and FC talk. I don't expect the server will be abuzz with Lunar Blades talk, but I do expect that we will have an easier time doing business with the other FCs on the server.

It's thanks to ya'll that we were able to make this happen. Make no mistake, it was no small feat! Let's all be proud of what we've done together and let's continue to enjoy the spoils of our efforts!

One last thing: let's all enjoy watching our purses grow again! (I know I haven't had more than a few thousand gil since all this started over a month ago :-D )
Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 13, 2014
OK so, good news, bad news, good-ish news kind of post today.

Good news: We've paid back the smaller of our two loans. YAY! *fanfare* That's 1.1 million down.

Bad news: That's 3.3 million to go. At time of writing we have about 0.8 million saved up. So really, that's 2.5 million to go.

Good-ish news: We still have almost week (loans due on the 20th) to make that gil.

I hate to say it, but that means i need ya'll to rally once again. I'm not saying i need you to turn out your pockets, but sell off a tome mat here or there, lay off teleporting for a day and see what you save, kick the couch a few times and see what falls out. If we all give a little none of us has to go without.

On to a seemingly contrary and personal note.

For those who don't know, I'm a full time college student and fortune fell such that I was on winter break when I became Master. This afforded me time in abundance to work for the FC and I hope that effort has shown. Unfortunately, the new semester is starting this week and I'll no longer be able to support the schedule I'v become accustomed to. Now before you think i'm going the way of our previous Masters, I fully intend on being active nearly every day. If not in game then on the forums. I think everyone will understand that the 1pm to 3am (sometimes 6am), 6 days a week shift that I have been pulling wont fly while taking a full course load... not with good grades anyway.

All that said, I expect this first week to be fairly lax so during this last housing push i should be able to be on nearly as much as I have been. Maybe not on until the wee hours of the morning, but definitely active.
Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 10, 2014
------The weekly State of the House will be postponed a few days so that this news has a chance to circulate.------

First off let me say congratulations to the new Junior Officers, Agromemnon Volkskrieg, Brinrin Healingblade and Eli Elicia, that were appointed today. These three have each shown personal dedication and continued involvement in the day to day goings on of the free company. From helping newcomers, to lending their might for a doomed Hydra run, to facing down Titan HM with seasoned lv 50's just for a laugh, I'v seen each of these three put others before themselves countless times. Though they may be rough around the edges at times, I feel certain that they will grow into their new roles without too many growing pains.

Secondly, let me say congratulations to our new Sub-Command Evelyn Lee, without whom our house would certainly be a mere shadow of its current glory. Evelyn has over the past month put in an outrageous amount of time and effort to the singular goal of raising gil for our home. In truth, Evelyn was the one to use his connections as a well established crafter to provide the last boost we needed to buy our home. But more than that, he organized gathering parties so that he could then craft all night to process the gems and ore so that they could be sold the next day though a network of player retainers that he had recruited. This he did nearly every day for nearly a month. Such was the volume of goods he produced that even now they are being sold to help with our ongoing gil raising endeavors.
Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 07, 2014
IF you've logged in in the past 15 hours (at time of posting) you've no doubt seen the news with your own eyes. For those who haven't, we have a house! Lavender Beds Ward 1 Plot 11, just like what we were going for. And shes a beauty! Ill have pictures up just as soon as the front yard is semi-finished. (Who am i kidding, that thing is going to be worked on 18 more times)

We had to go to a few lengths to make this happen however. Namely two loans which, with interest, total 4.4 million gil. We've got two weeks to come up with that amount, which given how quickly we were raising funds before, i expect to have it well ahead of schedule.

Enough with the business stuff! Go enjoy our house and have fun in one/all of our three hot tubs!
Grimm Stronghammer / Jan 03, 2014
Two weeks down! And a good job everyone! Were ahead of schedule by about a full week! That means if we keep pace we'll have the house at about the 23 day mark, or if you'd rather think of it this way: Only 9 more days of fundraising! Keep in mind that these numbers are projected figures and making them a reality is on each of us! So do your part and lets rock the last bit of this out!
Grimm Stronghammer / Dec 27, 2013
One week down! Three more to go! Currently we'er right on track for the 30 day mark, let's keep up the good work! Remember 15 donations of 40k or 600k total a day is what were looking for.

We've come up with a few ways to make easy-ish gil:

Gather the items listed in the comment section of State of the House #1 and donate them directly to the company chest. They can be turned into very lucrative items in short order.

Some items can only be obtained from certain dungeons, identify which sell well either by themselves or as part of somethings else (relic weapons or housing items for example) and either sell them outright or pass them to a crafter for processing.

Gather Treasure maps, Peisteskin is best followed by Boarskin. If you don't have a lv50 gathering class the others sell for a few thousand each.

Participate in Treasure map hunts, FC and otherwise. They give a guaranteed 1.6k and a few Myth plus they can sometimes give materials that can sell for much more.

Sell the HQ materials from your gathering adventures. 15 HQ of some materials can fetch 2.5k on the market.

Craft HQ levequest items. Even at low levels these items can sell very well.

Look for under supplied but relatively quick selling market items and look into how you might fill that void. Keep in mind what sells well today may not sell at all next week.

Be careful of over farming one specific thing. Markets can become saturated easily if even a few people over mine the item.
Grimm Stronghammer / Dec 20, 2013
Based on the poles i'v made in game over the past day, Lunar Blades is nearly unified. We'er going for gold! ...well silver in this case. Either way! We'er going for the medium house!

This also means that we have work to do. I'v done the math an we can have a house in 30 days if we have 15 donations of 40k everyday, or the equivalent. That's a total of 600k. I'm currently looking into reliable ways that everyone can do to earn at least that much without being burdensome to the player. Please, if you have any suggestions put them in a comment below.

Let me reassure you all that the officers and I will continue to work hard to cut this time down. But, the long term success is up to you.

I will be putting weekly posts here in the news section to keep everyone up to date. Hence the number in the title. Thank you all for your effort! One last thing: It's a game. Let's all have fun while we work towards our goal.