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Post Meeting Roundup 7-23-14

Grimm Stronghammer / Jul 23, 2014
Another successful meeting! Had another great turn out! Thanks to all the members for coming! A little less than an hour this time! (and only 20Mb)

Subjects: Continuation of the ambassador position, The selfie king, Valued gardening items, an interruption by Runephone ( Runestone via his phone), A little brainstorming for the anniversary, Fundraising, raid openings, FC shirts (IRL Merch), FC buff rotation change, FC invitations (and blacklist), Time out policy review, suggestion box, Upcoming PvP event, and a few things besides.

Meeting 7-23-14 Recording


Did I hear Nude Racing! I'd that for the fun, wouldn't be too bothered about winning as I would be recording it. Also as for Lunarblade T-shirts for the Festival I am in the UK and got my Ticket for the London Version, (I am from the UK after all). So I'm interested if anyone would be going to that one.

Otherwise, much better to listen to.
I'm glad the sound was better leveled this time... kinda wish i had some hand in it being so >.>

Also, there is an on going list on the Facebook for the T-shirts. I'll add you to it
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