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Post Officer Meeting Roundup

Grimm Stronghammer / Jul 18, 2014
We had a great turnout for the officer meeting the other day! Several members and a few veterans showed up to take part in the meeting and over all i'd like to say it quite well. Subjects varied from Veteran/officer relations to gardening and a few bits and bobs in the middle. Usually Weav would have streamed the meeting on his twitch channel, but he could not show for some RL things so I took the liberty of recording the meeting and (with a bit of downsizing) managed to make it a reasonable file size. You can download it in the link below. Its about 40MB and about 2 hours soooo yeah.

Were going to try to make meetings weekly from now on so look forward to more of these or possibly links to Weav's recordings when available. Also feel free to drop in as they are all pubic and we appreciate your input!

Officer Meeting 7/16/14 Recording


Wish I read that it was 2 hours long before I started listening lol. I like how everyone gets on, you guys could easily make a regular Podcast, always a good way to promote both the game and the FC. The only con as I found myself turning the volume up and down a lot due to the inconsistency of the sound.
So far I'v only been cutting off the ends and exporting it, but ill see about leveling the sound out in the future.
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