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Change of command

Grimm Stronghammer / May 14, 2014
So i realize this is going to seem rather sudden but the officers, sub-command, Lluth and I have been preparing for this for varying amounts of time. To not put to fine a point on it, my RL responsibilities have encroached on the time i need to do my job as Master. So, a few weeks ago i asked Lluth to retake Master and he graciously accepted. I officially passed it to him today.

I still plan to be active and available to anyone who needs or wants my help/advice/company/ect.

Some parting remarks: Have fun and don't die... ANNNND, PARTY ON DUDES!

Thus I leave the floor to Lluth's most elegant tongue.

Posted by Lluth:
Thank you Grimm.

First off, Grimm has done a fantastic job with Lunar Blades over the past 6+ Months of leading us. For that I am Grateful. Many of you know I have lead this FC before, but that was a different time and a Different Lunar Blades. I will strive to keep this Free Company going strong and carrying on. I will focus on not only End Game material, but also Story Line for all of you that have not reached 50 yet.

I want you all to know that I am open to any suggestions or complaints. If you want a One-on-One session with me, please feel free to contact me on here or find me in the FC chat and let me know you need to talk. I want everyone to be able to approach me for anything.

Finally, We have already made some changes in the FC that has been Grimm Stronghammer approved and I would like you all to know that we have 2 new Junior Officers on board to help along with Mattea set up Primals and Coil stuff.

I hope that we can grow even stronger than we have and make this fun for everyone and help everyone where needed.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,
Lluth Wizdom


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