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Officer rolls

Grimm Stronghammer / Mar 27, 2014
A restructuring of the Officer program went into effect along with 2.2 and I think its best if i put it here for all to see. Basically each officer has a primary responsibility and a secondary which backs up a different officers primary. In this way, their efforts can be more focused and responsibilities are clearly defined. This also means that if a member has a question/suggestion/whatever regarding a certain subject they can go directly to the appropriate person.

Here are the assignments as they currently stand:
Responsibility | Primary | Secondary | Tertiary |
Event/Fundraising: | Weav | Tilula | - |
Primal Battle Groups: | Mattea | Eli | Weav |
Relic/ Low lvl progression: | Eli | Brinrin | - |
HR/ Recruiting: | Mordermi | Tilula | - |
Website Moderator: | Brinrin | Mordermi | - |
Raid Battle Groups: | Mattea | Jamster | Runestone |

Now you ask, "But Grimm, Runestone isn't an officer! What's up with that?" While he is not an officer, his past contributions in this area cannot be ignored. While i'm not prepared to hand a non-officer the reigns on something like this, i would be remiss if he was not officially included in some way.


As my first task as raid battle officer I want to try and put together more Coil groups. We currently have 9 people from the FC that come to coil on monday, however, because of this number the 9th person is forced to do pug groups and its normally whoever gets on last. I know that we have more people in the FC that do Coil and or would like to do coil turns for the gear. please keep a eye out for a new post on the website as i will post something as i get more info together and start to set something up.
I have Alot going on right now but after I get moved in new place I'll be good for a Saturday or Sunday raid
Congratulations to all
Where are the events? where are the raids? wheres the roster clean up? come on guys! its been two weeks, i've seen 1 attempt at another raid group and a fc photo comming up, thanks for those things, thats what we need! but where are our primal runs? whos even cleared garuda yet? i've got 3 primal weapons and know the levi ex fight by heart! we need to step this up or we are going to fall apart.
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