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Officer meeting sit-ins

Grimm Stronghammer / Mar 03, 2014
A few people have suggested we open the officer meetings up for people to sit in and hear what it is that goes on behind the curtain. After some thought I have come to agree. We will be giving it a try come next officer meeting. (March 25th)

Should you decide to join, please have Ventrillo installed and configured ahead of time as technical difficulties can sometimes take a good minute to sort out. For those who haven't used it before it is available for free on the PC and Android OS's and for $5 for IOS. Configuration settings can be found HERE

Be Warned: These meetings are generally boring as all get out and only adjourn once everything on the list is discussed which means they can and do run for hours.

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Due to some interesting circumstances our vent settings have changed. You can find the new configuration HERE
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