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ZOMG more Promotions!

Grimm Stronghammer / Feb 19, 2014
It seems to just be the season for promotions, because iv got two more for ya'll!

Congratulations to our new Junior Officers Weav Valkyrija and Mattea Vidette! These two have been quite the help to anyone i'v ever seen ask it of them. Moreover they're both capable mentors in their respective classes.

Weav, for his part, has shown an unyielding interest in the world of Eorzea and its lore and has on more than one occasion pointed things out to me that I had never found or had long since wrote off as unimportant. (for those who don't know, i'm a bit of an exploration junkie so to be shown something new is quite the treat)

Mattea... well hes just a swell guy. :-D (sorry Mattea, it seems my muse just cut out XD)


Congratulations Weaver and Matt!
Congratulations to you both and your both well deserving of the positions! I wish you both the best of luck in your new positions! =)
Congratulations :)
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