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Promotion and Manhunt #3

Grimm Stronghammer / Feb 12, 2014
Lets all congratulate Eli Elicia on her promotion to Officer! Shes done a fantastic job during her time as a Junior Officer and we are elated to have her! Lets all look forward to her continued hard work!

On another note, who's ready for a Manhunt!? For those who don't know, its an event we put on every so often in which clues are put out via FC chat and everyone has two hours to find and /point out the person. It's a long time favorite and we are sorely overdue. Its been scheduled for the 21st, check the calender for your local time. Hope to see you all there!


Congratulations Eli!

( O_O)
c(") (")
Gratz Eli!
Congrats, Eli. I'm all over the manhunt. I'm looking for a new man. Bbrrraaaaahhhhhhh.
Eli Elicia
o. o
Brin if you find that new man i would at least wait 18 years before getting really serious with him. you know whit the laws and all
Lol. Just cause I'm a short lalafell doesn't mean that I'm not an adult lalafell. :/
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