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Ryiden Shadowblade / Aug 10, 2014
As a lot of you guys already know, Lluth and several other members decided to leave the FC. Things like this have happened before, some may be back, some may not, but I'm sure a lot of them are still on our Friend lists. Lluth before he left asked if i wanted to step back up and become master of the FC once again. At first I had my doubts but then I remember how small Lunar was in the begining and how much it grown over time. My first goal as Master once again is to help build a community that we can be proud to be apart of.
Grimm Stronghammer / Jul 23, 2014
Another successful meeting! Had another great turn out! Thanks to all the members for coming! A little less than an hour this time! (and only 20Mb)

Subjects: Continuation of the ambassador position, The selfie king, Valued gardening items, an interruption by Runephone ( Runestone via his phone), A little brainstorming for the anniversary, Fundraising, raid openings, FC shirts (IRL Merch), FC buff rotation change, FC invitations (and blacklist), Time out policy review, suggestion box, Upcoming PvP event, and a few things besides.

Meeting 7-23-14 Recording
Grimm Stronghammer / Jul 18, 2014
We had a great turnout for the officer meeting the other day! Several members and a few veterans showed up to take part in the meeting and over all i'd like to say it quite well. Subjects varied from Veteran/officer relations to gardening and a few bits and bobs in the middle. Usually Weav would have streamed the meeting on his twitch channel, but he could not show for some RL things so I took the liberty of recording the meeting and (with a bit of downsizing) managed to make it a reasonable file size. You can download it in the link below. Its about 40MB and about 2 hours soooo yeah.

Were going to try to make meetings weekly from now on so look forward to more of these or possibly links to Weav's recordings when available. Also feel free to drop in as they are all pubic and we appreciate your input!

Officer Meeting 7/16/14 Recording
Grimm Stronghammer / May 14, 2014
So i realize this is going to seem rather sudden but the officers, sub-command, Lluth and I have been preparing for this for varying amounts of time. To not put to fine a point on it, my RL responsibilities have encroached on the time i need to do my job as Master. So, a few weeks ago i asked Lluth to retake Master and he graciously accepted. I officially passed it to him today.

I still plan to be active and available to anyone who needs or wants my help/advice/company/ect.

Some parting remarks: Have fun and don't die... ANNNND, PARTY ON DUDES!

Thus I leave the floor to Lluth's most elegant tongue.

Posted by Lluth:
Thank you Grimm.

First off, Grimm has done a fantastic job with Lunar Blades over the past 6+ Months of leading us. For that I am Grateful. Many of you know I have lead this FC before, but that was a different time and a Different Lunar Blades. I will strive to keep this Free Company going strong and carrying on. I will focus on not only End Game material, but also Story Line for all of you that have not reached 50 yet.

I want you all to know that I am open to any suggestions or complaints. If you want a One-on-One session with me, please feel free to contact me on here or find me in the FC chat and let me know you need to talk. I want everyone to be able to approach me for anything.

Finally, We have already made some changes in the FC that has been Grimm Stronghammer approved and I would like you all to know that we have 2 new Junior Officers on board to help along with Mattea set up Primals and Coil stuff.

I hope that we can grow even stronger than we have and make this fun for everyone and help everyone where needed.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting,
Lluth Wizdom
Grimm Stronghammer / Mar 27, 2014
A restructuring of the Officer program went into effect along with 2.2 and I think its best if i put it here for all to see. Basically each officer has a primary responsibility and a secondary which backs up a different officers primary. In this way, their efforts can be more focused and responsibilities are clearly defined. This also means that if a member has a question/suggestion/whatever regarding a certain subject they can go directly to the appropriate person.

Here are the assignments as they currently stand:
Responsibility | Primary | Secondary | Tertiary |
Event/Fundraising: | Weav | Tilula | - |
Primal Battle Groups: | Mattea | Eli | Weav |
Relic/ Low lvl progression: | Eli | Brinrin | - |
HR/ Recruiting: | Mordermi | Tilula | - |
Website Moderator: | Brinrin | Mordermi | - |
Raid Battle Groups: | Mattea | Jamster | Runestone |

Now you ask, "But Grimm, Runestone isn't an officer! What's up with that?" While he is not an officer, his past contributions in this area cannot be ignored. While i'm not prepared to hand a non-officer the reigns on something like this, i would be remiss if he was not officially included in some way.
Grimm Stronghammer / Mar 03, 2014
A few people have suggested we open the officer meetings up for people to sit in and hear what it is that goes on behind the curtain. After some thought I have come to agree. We will be giving it a try come next officer meeting. (March 25th)

Should you decide to join, please have Ventrillo installed and configured ahead of time as technical difficulties can sometimes take a good minute to sort out. For those who haven't used it before it is available for free on the PC and Android OS's and for $5 for IOS. Configuration settings can be found HERE

Be Warned: These meetings are generally boring as all get out and only adjourn once everything on the list is discussed which means they can and do run for hours.
Grimm Stronghammer / Feb 19, 2014
It seems to just be the season for promotions, because iv got two more for ya'll!

Congratulations to our new Junior Officers Weav Valkyrija and Mattea Vidette! These two have been quite the help to anyone i'v ever seen ask it of them. Moreover they're both capable mentors in their respective classes.

Weav, for his part, has shown an unyielding interest in the world of Eorzea and its lore and has on more than one occasion pointed things out to me that I had never found or had long since wrote off as unimportant. (for those who don't know, i'm a bit of an exploration junkie so to be shown something new is quite the treat)

Mattea... well hes just a swell guy. :-D (sorry Mattea, it seems my muse just cut out XD)
Grimm Stronghammer / Feb 12, 2014
Lets all congratulate Eli Elicia on her promotion to Officer! Shes done a fantastic job during her time as a Junior Officer and we are elated to have her! Lets all look forward to her continued hard work!

On another note, who's ready for a Manhunt!? For those who don't know, its an event we put on every so often in which clues are put out via FC chat and everyone has two hours to find and /point out the person. It's a long time favorite and we are sorely overdue. Its been scheduled for the 21st, check the calender for your local time. Hope to see you all there!