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Ode to Atma

by Grimm Stronghammer on Jul 26, 2014 at 11:34 PM}
Atma, Oh Atma!
Your heart is fickle,
your love judgmental.
You have eyes for all but me.

Atma, fond Atma
I bring you treasures
I bring blood in measures
Will you ever hear my plea?

Atma, dearest Atma
You are courted day and night
You are given no respite.
I hear you say, "leave me be."

Atma, glorious Atma
I tire of the chase
I leave you in your place.
still unable to pay my fee.

Atma, forgotten Atma
Days go by, a fortnight
Little catches my attention like a fight.
You hide behind a rock, a little flea.

Atma, ambiguous Atma
I spill the blood
of a furious bud
You leap out of the shrubbery.

Inventory full. Unable to obtain.

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Yes Grimm I love it!!!
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