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Lunar Blades Screen Shots

[Pinned] Lunar Blades Adventures In FFXIV

I wanted to start a thread so we can share the adventures with our friends and family. I'll start with some I have gotten from Phase 3 of Beta. I hope you all enjoy!Please confine the Images to this thread.
Small Lluth 4y
Lluth101297Small Ensign 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Maximus Screen shots with Captions!

I've return to FFXIVARR and been taking my screenshots as usual. But you don't want to see the same old, so here is something a bit different from me.Should have made a Kibi Retainer...(j/k)First one I did of these, once I discovered you could cha...
Small Maximus Victorious 3y
Maximus Victorious31341Small Maximus Victorious 3y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Runestone's pictures of epic adventures.
Small Runestone Einherjar 4y
Runestone Einherjar1269Small Runestone Einherjar 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Maylina's SS! :D

Looking at housing Kibi & MayMay's Christmas Cheer Squad!!!!Styx the Reindeer
Small Maylina Hylia 4y
Maylina Hylia1302Small Maylina Hylia 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Live feed

I have access to stream a live feed of the game or dungeon I am in so once we start end game dungeons I will gladly stream or record for Officer evaluations. Just let me know if you're interested in watching the feed and I'll broadcast if I am on...
Small Leona Ravenglide 4y
Leona Ravenglide2344Small Leona Ravenglide 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Odin and Behemoth Fates

I was only on the side lines, but got to see the two rare Fates first hand.. It was a Victory for the Odin one, but they wiped on Behemoth first phase
Small Rhystar Lunarknight 4y
Rhystar Lunarknight1324Small Rhystar Lunarknight 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

A Grimm Catalog

Painstick the Cactuar!
Small Grimm Stronghammer 4y
Grimm Stronghammer5564Small Grimm Stronghammer 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Snowberry's SS

Celcius with a pink robe :DGoing to hot spring with a newly met Lalafell :P
Small Snowberry Puzzle 4y
Snowberry Puzzle101123Small Snowberry Puzzle 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

The Orginal Lunarblades FFXI style

This was the LS picture taken at Cyana and my wedding in FFXI
Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y
Ryiden Shadowblade252902Small Maximus Victorious 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Evelyn's SSs

Some shots I got from the beta
Small Evelyn Lee 4y
Evelyn Lee2331Small Koneko 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Screenshots and Pics

the pics from FFXI are great to see because i know alot of those people! Im glad i have another Sylph person in the FC!
Small Neris Milltall 4y
Strixer Hawkins1256Small Neris Milltall 4y
Lunar Blades Screen Shots

Ella's Pic posted on request

As requested, I am posting these screenshots on Ella's behalf. I will post screenshots myself at some point.
Small Maximus Victorious 4y
Maximus Victorious4487Small Ella 4y
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