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Everything you need to know about Dungeons (Maps, Strategies, and more!)
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[Pinned] Unlocking Dungeons

Hey guys here is the list ive found on another forums about the dungeons and i thought it would be great here.If you have any information on any of the missing info please post it so i can change the post.Sastasha Limsa in Lominsa (15-18) How to U...
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[Pinned] Minions List
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[Pinned] Minions List

Hey guys i found this on another forums and thought this would be great to have on oursThere may also be more added so stay with meBaby BatPurchased from Junkmonger Nonoroon for 2400 gil in Poor Maid's Mill, Upper La Noscea (west side of the lake)...
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[Pinned] PC Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts

Character movement: Use WASD to move your character. You can also move your character forward by holding left and right click. The right mouse button will turn your character. Press the spacebar to jump. Camera movement: Hold left click and move y...
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Atma times

Now, we know there are many theories about Atmas, especially when it comes to times of farming. Sajju Yan said in FC chat that there are certain times that you can farm FATEs at, and have higher chances of getting an Atma. Note, that these are sup...
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Here is some information i've found out about materia. I will update it soon once i find out some more infoCreating Materia- After completing the quest to create materia, all you have to do is wear a piece of disposable gear until it has spiritbou...
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Help for fresh 50s

I found this exceptionally helpful flowchart / road map to endgame up to the coil.
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If you are unsure which gear / food is best for your class / race heres a link that might help out with that
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Titan HM

I know that I'm not the only FC member needing Titan HM for relic quest. Maybe we can get a list here of who needs it for which job, we can form up a group or so at a time that works for the majority. I need it for my whm and even though he doesn'...
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People who'll help with dungeons ^.^

So i'm putting together this list of patient FC members who like helping and teaching noobies and low lvls with ffxiv. You don't have to be a high lvl to have you're name on this list, just a willingness to help. My first mmo was ffxi and this is...
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Patch Notes

2.15 Patch notes
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Back to work

Hey hey, Lunar Pr0z, Chase here with a proposition. Temps are dropping in new jersey and the mountain calls for my service. Alas with my gf in Peru i can dedicate my free time to Final Fantasy. Id like to extend an offer to all members under 5...
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Needing help with AK for relic

I would like to get AK done this week so that I can progress in my relic quest. I have made it all the way through on my first attempt but it was before I beat chimera. The next attempt, the party I was with couldn't get past the first boss. And m...
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Special in-game characters

Just copy the character (you'd probably see it as a square) and paste it into the game chatFont - Name - UNICODE - HQ symbol -E03C - leftcurvearrow ( -E040 - rightcurvearrow ) -E041 - mouse icon -E050 - mouse left click -E051 - mouse right c...
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Resource List.

Hey people.So being the noob that I am, I try to find as many help guides as I can. I stumbled across this resource list a few days ago and it's been my best friend. I searched the forum and didn't see it posted anywhere.The BA FFXIV Resource List...
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Titan HARDMODE- Tips & Guides

It seems many of us are either stuck or have had difficulties with the very smexy Titan. Sure there's 100 guides and videos we can post in here (and I'm sure I will) but....what tricks do you have up your sleeve that have helped you get further i...
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Ok, So as we know when we lvl past 10 you start getting points in your ability score. Now Arcanist can go either Summoner or Scholar.. and all Jobs are, are basically just an item you equipt to give you more abilities... what happens if Summoner ...
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Macro Guide (Important!)

In FFXI, and most likely every hardcore MMO's macros plays a huge role. Especially for those of the mage and tank roles. I think it's very important that people learn to make macros for the simple fact it makes things easier for you and your par...
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FFXIV ARR Server Status

For anyone that wants to know the status of our server or anyone else server status
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Interactive Map of Eorzea

hey guys i just found this and thought it would be great if you wanted to find a certain place in the game.
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Midge Swarm help

Guys, I was having a lot of trouble fighting this NM.I took a party of eight people and we even had two conjurers and two gladiators to tank it, but it wiped the party very quickly.It was a cold Saturday morning when I spotted him, I took a few of...
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