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My i94 PUG is all ready to be pulling adds
"put random comment here"
#9659769 Jun 20, 2014 at 05:44 PM
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this is a good video to watch, it is double tank, but it has good tips/tricks, as well as a breakdown to where adds spawn.
#9660064 Jun 20, 2014 at 07:54 PM
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tank 1-2 o'clock (north east) on middle ring not edge, dodge circle blade
remember to be outside of bosses hitbox when you have voice
Smn, needs to keep control of pet, if add dies may auto target renaud
Phase 2 80%
deathdancer 1 6 o'clock (south)
deathdancer 2 1-2 o'clock (north east) 30 seconds after first
deathdancer 3 10-11 o'clock (north west) 30 seconds after second
Cursed shriek happens after first Cursed voice, and then everyother cursed voice.
Phase 3 60%
4 archers in North East West and South
cannot be tanked
Melusine will mark a target whichs draws fire from all remaining adds
can cast a small AOE so don't stack
glowing circle will do 300 damage a second if inside
after short period of time will explode killing anyone in it
keep renaud inside inner two circles, incase outter circle is glowing when shriek is up
Phase 4 35%
last add spawns 6 o'clock (south)
Petrifaction if looking at the lamia prosicuter it will petrify you
casts hysteria after roughly 30 seconds
after add is down Melusine uses petrifaction
gains venemous tail debuff that needs to be esuna'd or leech'd
if its not it'll blow up doing massave damage

#9660065 Jun 20, 2014 at 07:54 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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tank boss where second add will spawn, tank boss on outside of inner circle allowing you to dodge her aoe's
Weav will be in possition to grab first add, and bring it to Neris who will grab it and tank both add and boss,
kill add, second add will spawn near boss, Neris picks up second add and kill it, Weav needs moves to position
to grab third add and bring it too Neris, Neris will then take add off Weav where we'll kill it. DPS don't attack
adds right away, let Neris get some hate, Neris call out when you get sufficient hate.

At some point after phase 2 Neris will move boss to where the last add spawns, which is in the south. probably
best to do during phase three while dps are on adds to minimize dps loss and no accidental cleaves, also after shriek goes off.
Jamster remember to change where to kite the renauds to during this phase

After 35% the last add will spawn, Neris picks it up, Grimm will LB3 it, if it's not quite on 3 wait, add will cast
petrifaction, everyone just needs to face away from the add, Grimm you may die here I'm thinking wait for LB till after petrifaction.
Neris you'll also have to HG during this phase, this add hits like a semi
Once add is dead the boss will start using the same move
looks like she will use petrifaction right after the add falls so be ready for it.

Neris will be in charge of calling out Cursed Voice, Cursed Shriek, and Petrifaction. Only call out a name for cursed shriek,
I'll be trusting everyone else to check to see if you have voice or not. Weav will be calling out the boss %, We're trying to keep
the voice chat to a minimum. Neris you'll need to focus target the boss so you can still see when and what she's casting while dealing with
the add's, I will keep the boss focus targetted aswell to assist in callouts if you miss something.

Unless you have something important to say please don't talk, we need to keep chatter to a minimum and focus for this to work
what we should hear:
Neris calling Voice, Shriek w/name, and Petrifaction.
Neris calling out that he has sufficient hate.
Weav calling out mb percentage
Communication between Weav and Neris for add handoff
Anyone Calling out who has venemous tail
Communication between healers and kiter
Toshi screaming as we down her

And as a first time event since we always think of it as an after thought, Raid Screenshot when we win.
#9671308 Jun 24, 2014 at 01:09 AM
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Even tho they fail, this is a great reference from my POV.
#9674065 Jun 24, 2014 at 04:29 PM
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haha yeah, i watched that one a few times, even commented and got a response from the video poster
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