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Character movement: Use WASD to move your character. You can also move your character forward by holding left and right click. The right mouse button will turn your character. Press the spacebar to jump.

Camera movement: Hold left click and move your mouse to move the camera.

Targeting: You can left click on a character, object, or enemy to select it. You can select party members easily using the F keys. Right clicking a target will interact with or attack it. Tab will cycle through the closest enemies first and shift+tab will start with the furthest.

Keyboard Commands


Actions & Traits: P
Armoury Chest: CTRL+I
Character: C
Crafting Log: N
Free Company: ;
Gathering Log: B
Hunting Log: H
Inventory: I
Journal: J
Linkshells: L
Maps: M
Signs: Shift-M
Social Lists: O
System Menu: NumPad -
Timers: Ctrl-U


Reply: Alt-R
Reply (Back): Alt-Shift-R
Chat Mode Say: Alt-S
Chat Mode Yell: Alt-Y
Chat Mode Shout: Alt-H
Chat Mode Party: Alt-P
Chat Mode Free Company: Alt-F
Chat Mode Linkshell: Alt-L
Chat Mode Linkshell (Back): Alt-Shift-L


Cycle through enemies (near > far): Tab
Cycle through enemies (far > near): Shift-Tab
Target your target's target: T
Target the enemy attacking you: Shift-T
Target Nearest Enemy: F11
Target Nearest NPC: F12
Face Target: F


Toggle Run/Walk: Numpad /
Autorun: Mouse 3 or R
Draw/store Weapon: Z
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