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Community Rules

Insulting other players: This includes insulting players who are not part of our free company. You may disagree with someone else but that should not lead to insults.

Offensive slurs: Words intended to offend groups of people based on gender, race, nationality, sexuality, etc. should always be avoided.

Inappropriate discussions: Due to the sensitivity of certain issues, discussions on real world politics, religion, and other sensitive topics should be avoided in our chats. If you feel the need to have these discussions with someone please do so privately. Arguments should also be avoided. Not everyone is expected to get along but please keep heated arguments private.

Helping others: Though not required, you are strongly encouraged to help other members. Just as you should feel free to ask questions and request help you should also respond in a friendly manner to others who may need your help.

FC Tag: By joining Lunar Blades you will get our FC Clan tag. This means you will be representing Lunar Blades and we ask that you use discretion and represent us with professionalism. Please represent us with pride and respect for we are striving to be a great community, but as always No one person can make us great!
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