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The LunarBlades
Welcome to the LunarBlades community. We have gone from RighteousMercenaries linkshell during the FFXI Beta and a social linkshell LunarBlades in FFXI retail, to now a Free Company in FFXIV ARR. We have been part of larger gaming clans and we have stood alone. First and foremost we are a community. Never be afraid to ask for help or give help in return. No one person can make us great.

To our guests feel free to browse our general forums. There is even a section for help for non members. If you like what you see fill out an application and join us.

For our current or returning members Welcome Home.
Ryiden Shadowblade / Aug 10, 2014
As a lot of you guys already know, Lluth and several other members decided to leave the FC. Things like this have happened before, some may be back, some may not, but I'm sure a lot of them are still on our Friend lists. Lluth before he left asked if i wanted to step back up and become master of the FC once again. At first I had my doubts but then I remember how small Lunar was in the begining and how much it grown over time. My first goal as Master once again is to help build a community that we can be proud to be apart of.