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[Pinned] Index of Useful Information

If a link is not available the information has not been posted yet. Basic Controls PC/PS3StatsRaces Hyur Miqo'te Elezen Roegadyn Lalafell Classes Gladiator Pugilist Marauder Lancer Archer Conjurer Thaumaturge Arcanist Jobs (Lis...
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Koneko1457Small Koneko 4y

3/17/14 Coil

Tonight Weav will not be joining us, he's working. I will also most likely be late due to work, I've told Grimm if I'm not on by 8pm central to move on without me. And Mattea will not be on till around the same time anyway. I've talked to Jamster ...
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Runestone Einherjar2623Small Jamster Eldhrimnir 3y

Housing Plot Poll (Medium)

Go check out the housing area and tell us which plot you want!
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Grimm Stronghammer8903Small Grimm Stronghammer 3y

Housing Plot Poll (Small)

Check out which is your favorite and vote!
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Grimm Stronghammer1312Small Grimm Stronghammer 3y

FC Housing Poll

2.1 is coming soon and we need to decide where to put down roots!Let us know what you want!
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Grimm Stronghammer101241Small Styxx Antraedes 3y

Guild promo video

Hello every one. My name is Alex Aka Soren Galewind. I've discussed in detail with the powers to be to make a video promoting our guild that we can post. I want to make two versions a 2minute one and a 10minute one the 2minute one will just explai...
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Soren Galewind2338Small Ameratsu Shikhu 4y

Admin / Mod

Ive post some information under members lounge i'll appreiated beening over lookd at I think its very useful if you think the same I very much would like my post being pin.What my theards go over are name loction if its a main or side includes min...
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Zei The Burning Knucles3413Small Zei The Burning Knucles 4y

Manhunt Results!

For those of you who missed it, the FC chat was abuzz Friday with people hunting for their man and a 50,000 gil purse! They looked far and wide, high and low, but only one could be the winner. I present to you our first Manhunter, Smokeyd Leonhart...
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Grimm Stronghammer1260Small Grimm Stronghammer 4y

Mr Pix Here READ PLEASE FOR FC :))))

Hey Everyone i Just started my Youtube Channel its the 0 is a zero.And i would like to ask everyone to subscribe to the channel so that this company can make it far and rise to the TOP.!!! Once i hit lvl 50 i will be making ...
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Mr Pix3441Small Mr Pix 4y

Early Access Website up

KK starting today August 20th the preorder registration website is up..Now for both pc and ps3 users use the same website and it will give an option what platform you want to registered the pre order come for.... buut still getting errors go SE
Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y
Ryiden Shadowblade9780Small Neris Milltall 4y

P4 Client

I don't know about anybody else but I just started downloading the P4 client, all 7334.70MB of it!
Small Hinori Kura 4y
Hinori Kura2321Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y

Benchmark and Character Creation

Incase you haven't downloaded it yet or were even unaware a new benchmark along with character creation is now available!
Small Hinori Kura 4y
Hinori Kura8756Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y

Phase 3 may not be over

From Letters of Producers (insert large number) which posted today "Now that we're halfway through phase 3, all that's left is to stress test the duty finder, and to monitor server stability over a long period. It won't be long until phase 4, earl...
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Ryiden Shadowblade171233Small Neris Milltall 4y


Happy 4th of July EVERYONE! Even if you're not from the US crack open a beer or some orange juice OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU DRINK and enjoy a it!!!Hope you guys have a good one wherever you all are!Probably won't be around most of the day 'till Bet...
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Ensign9652Small Ensign 4y

Stepping down as Admin before official launch

A lot of you may not know me, I played Bladedave in FFXI from the very early days. One day I was chosen by old players Spratters and Syph to help behind the scenes on the original LB Forums back in 2005. I proved my worth and become an admin for e...
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