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Disciples of the Hand

Triple Turn-in Leves

Here is a thread on the official FFXIV forums with a list of triple turn-in leves for crafting:
Small Mordermi Auditore 4y
Mordermi Auditore1662Small Mordermi Auditore 4y
Disciples of the Hand

LF a leatherworker

So im looking for a lv50 leatherworker im looking for a Hq Gryphonskin Jerkin or Hq Geyphonskin Torusers pst on here or ing Zei Hygua
Small Zei The Burning Knucles 4y
Zei The Burning Knucles1197Small Zei The Burning Knucles 4y
Disciples of the Hand

Disciple of the Hand Quest Items Needed

Alchemist Lvl 5 3 AntidotLvl 10 12 Lumps of beeswaxLvl 15 Pot of Dex Pot of IntArmorer Lvl 5 3 Bronze HoplonsLvl 10 12 Sheets of Bronze PlateBlacksmith Lvl 5 3 bronze cross pein hammersLvl 10 12 bronze rivetsCarpenter Lvl 5...
Small Bad Voodoo 4y
Bad Voodoo1248Small Bad Voodoo 4y
Disciples of the Hand

Weaver at you service

Hello all my main craft that I will be working on will be weaver so if you need something made or repaired send me a tell or catch me on the lsIf I have the items on hand I can just make the item for you if I don't please just supply me with the i...
Small Neris Milltall 4y
Neris Milltall5436Small Neris Milltall 4y
Disciples of the Hand

Carpenter Orders

Ok i can make Bows, Staves, Lances, Fishing Poles, and Shields from lvl 1-18 currently, if you want me to make any for you tell me the type and the lvl range you want and I'll make it and mail it out to you.
Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y
Ryiden Shadowblade4372Small Ryiden Shadowblade 4y
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